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super real male iron tech doll -72_80Winter - E-Cup 165cm Sexy Beauty Love Iron Tec Doll

Iron Tech Dolls

$1,386.47 $1,386.47

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iron tech doll schoolgirl -72_80Avianna-168CM Sexy Beauty Iron Tech Doll

Iron Tec Dolls

$1,505.89 $1,505.89

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Iron Tech doll robot xxx-72_80KIRA C163CM LOVE IRON TECH DOLLS

Iron Tec Dolls

$1,472.89 $1,472.89

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boy irontec doll -72_80Annabelle - Busty 158CM Adult TPE Iron Tech Doll

Iron Tec Dolls

$1,396.96 $1,396.96

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Affordable Premium Quality Iron Tech Dolls Sex Dolls

2022-we are more professional about Irontech doll use and description

For better, longer use, please read the manual carefully before use. Dutch Wife Introduction: Iron Tech doll made of TPE (also called cyberskin) and flexible metal skeleton. The material is environmentally friendly and healthy, widely used in high-end realdoll 2021 adult products. Dolls with a height of more than 100 cm female sex dolls will work perfectly with the mouth, anus and vagina. The anus and vagina are built through the anus of a real real doll comprar female cat. And the internal structure of the hole is similar to that of the physiological structure of the hu pregnant rela dolls man body. When you fall in love with the doll, when it goes deep enough, you will feel your private part sucked. Dolls can do most of what humans c adult dolls dolls that look real an do and even take some postures that are impossible for humans.

Frequently Asked Questions an adult dolls adult doll d Answers about 2022 Irontech Dolls

Irontechdoll FAQ

1. Can I move my eyes?

The eyeball can be adjusted. Press your eyes down a little with your fingers to adjust the eye in any directi flat chest adult dolls doll on you like. Be careful not to damage the doll's eyelashes.

2. How do you handle pressure marks?

It is made of anti-pressure skin material, the doll's skin is hard to give pressure marks. In that case, remove the pressure for a while. It recovers naturally. gay sex doll If it does not recover for a while, use a warm wet towel covering the pressure mark area for a while, repeated, wil adult rela doll l help to remove pressure marks.

3. How to repair damaged skin?

If you damage the skin of the doll, please use a special repair adhesive to repair it. Due to airline shipping restrictions, it is not possible to ship with dolls. If nec anal dolls essary, buy glue separately. If get real dolls large area damage occurs, please contact customer service.

4. Can I return and exchange it?

The item is personal, so we can't accept returns. All products were shipped only after rigorous testing. If there is any qualit asian adult dolls y problem, please contact our customer service within two days after the goods arrive.

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Iron Tec Dolls

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Iron Tech Dolls




Brand: Iron Tec Dolls  
Material: TPE sex doll Style: BBW sex doll, Japanese sex doll, European style doll, mature sex doll, etc.
Introduction: Irontech Doll has a soft, textured, elastic skin, a body completel asian real sex y hinged on a metal skeleton, etc. There's everything for women. Close to perfection in terms of vision, hands and tactil best simulated sex e sensations. Iron Tech doll is a high quality rela doll individually manufactured and molded in TPE. It has amazing features and unparalleled beauty. The brand is aimed a tpe sex dolls t satisfying people's pursuit of beau reallifesexdolls ty.


+ All dolls are fully customizable
+ Attractive and unique face
+ Delicate and realistic vagina
+ Realistic body and high quality companion robots material
+ Beautiful young adult girl with western features
+ Beauty of female model or fashion magazine model
+ Well-proportioned face and character are in h real doll 2.0 armonious size


—Its unique style does not appeal to everyone
—New style dolls are slowly updated


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