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1959 Barbie and German Dutch Wif-72_123155cm Ordinary A Cup Fuso PU Skin Bezlya Doll

Bezlya doll

$1,679.95 $1,679.95

Bezliah doll

Bezlya's Dutch Wife has a new type of all-metal skeleton.

Bezlya rela doll has 11 skin tones, including white, natural, wheat and black. Bezlya simulation doll bones and joints are self-developed new all-metal bones. The joints of th black rela dolls e fingers and toes are very similar to real human bones. You can take whatever sexual posture you imagine. Bezlya real doll The vagina is made of high-tenacity material, the entrance is thin and com customizable sex doll pact, the internal shape is supple. Bezlya doll 163s has a 3D 1:1 scan, sex blow up doll which is exactly the same as a real person. Original internal mucosal technology, only a few drops of water can enter the vagina, the vagina automaticall harmony robot buy y moisturizes and has a lubricating effect. The Dutch Wife experience is very real.

Asian style Bezlya real doll for sale

Bezlya dolls are mostly Asian style. Just like a real person, it's cute and realistic. Bezlya Aiwa is not shy and, on the contrary, is very open-minded. Look at their fa my sex robot documentary watch online ces, she is a real doll.

Realistic cheap Bezlya love sex dol asian schoolgirl doll l

Bezlya Dutch Wife has a variety of he real doll price ights, and each height doll has its own very unique aspect. Lily with long hair, Elliot wearing a helmet is waiting for you to bring her home. You can always trust a real B real life sexy doll ezliah doll, she will not deceive you.


Bezlya doll

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17kg full size Dutch Wife
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10 dollar adult toy
Bezlya doll




Brand: Bezlya doll  
Material: TPE sex doll Style: FLORID SERIES, MATURE, TEEN, TWIN, WINTER, etc.
Introduction: Bezlya Dutch Wife is a tasteless, non-greasy, and light sturdy Du real doll adult dolls tch Wife. The main material of Dutch Wife is TPE imported from Japan, non-toxic and tasteless, close to real human skin. Realistic Dutch Wife is of high quality and has the best assembly parts. You life size human dolls can take whatever sexual posture you imagine.


+ High quality TPE sex
doll+Most popular doll
brand+Many body types Available to
choose+Similar to real real
skin+Optional new makeup: blood vessels, pores.



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